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With a broad spectrum of experiences, we always strive to push our clients further. So, are you ready for your journey?

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With tailored data-driven strategies combined with forward-thinking craftwork, we manage to exceed expectations repeatedly, and together with our clients, we push boundaries that get significant appreciation globally. We are proud to present some of the many awards that our dedicated team of experts has made themselves deserve.

With our expertise, we can together make a difference.

Burstit’s qualitative and efficient work, with only experienced senior consultants, has our way of work been acknowledged by the Big Tech to be their premium partner.

We are Shift Agency Network members, which gives us a range of talent and competence


Burstit is an efficient digital marketing agency with experience working with some of the largest companies in the Nordic region. Through qualitative and efficient work with analysis, strategy, and optimization of Search, Video, Display, and Social, Burstit can help you increase your digital presence. Burstit constantly strives to be at the forefront of development to make digital marketing efficient. New competencies, resources, tools, and working methods are evaluated continuously to maintain the highest quality.


In The Cold

In The Cold is an effects-driven digital agency that helps companies and organizations to communicate and develop their channels and business. We produce websites, applications, strategies, concepts anddesign. We are passionate about finding solutions that give real impact to our customers, whether it is a launch campaign, an SEO-adapted website or smart applications.